Definition of tattoo parlor in US English:

tattoo parlor


  • An establishment in which tattooing is carried out professionally.

    ‘many tattoo parlors today double as piercing studios’
    • ‘Once surrounded by porn shops and tattoo parlors, it has regained a somewhat gentrified luster in recent years.’
    • ‘He ran to the nearest tattoo parlour and claimed the phrase as his own, permanently inking it into his flesh.’
    • ‘Nobody from there has ever caught me dancing on a tabletop drunk in a honky tonk or sitting on a guy's Harley outside a tattoo parlor.’
    • ‘He met his hero in Los Angeles and immediately went to a tattoo parlour to have the signature overwritten in permanent ink.’
    • ‘When I got to the tattoo parlour, it was locked and there was nobody there.’
    • ‘The city now has its first professional tattoo parlour.’
    • ‘There is even a tattoo parlour out back just in case you get inspired and want a bit of flesh art of your own.’
    • ‘My grandmother is working on her tattoo design, and next time I visit she wants me to take her to a tattoo parlour.’
    • ‘About three doors away from the hotel was a tattoo parlour, but it was closed and everyone was sober.’
    • ‘It was very late and nobody expected the tattoo parlour to be open for business.’
    • ‘Some young sailors, airmen, soldiers or marines see a visit to the tattoo parlour as a rite of passage.’
    • ‘Police say they spotted him smoking a joint on his way to the subway station to get to work at a Downtown Brooklyn tattoo parlor.’
    • ‘Police were called to the building, which houses a tattoo parlour as well as residents, at 5.30am yesterday.’
    • ‘An 18-year-old Belgian girl claimed she fell asleep at a tattoo parlor and woke up to find 56 star tattoos on her face.’
    • ‘Why are there tattoo parlors springing up in trendy neighborhoods?’