Definition of taste bud in US English:

taste bud


usually taste buds
  • Any of the clusters of bulbous nerve endings on the tongue and in the lining of the mouth which provide the sense of taste.

    • ‘Health because they are recking their body, through destroying their lungs, taste buds and depriving their brain of oxygen.’
    • ‘Salisbury's food and drink festival is guaranteed to cook up a storm this weekend, with a mouthwatering line-up to tantalise every taste bud.’
    • ‘Indulge every taste bud with Chocolate Cream Pie, Kerry Sweet's newest frozen dessert flavor concept.’
    • ‘Hawaii Big Island has a lot to offer to satisfy everyone's taste bud.’
    • ‘Anything that prods the palate and tingles taste buds gets my vote.’
    • ‘Tastes are what we detect with the taste buds in our mouths.’
    • ‘The overpowering scent and taste of whiskey fills my nostrils and burns my taste buds.’
    • ‘The past few days of fighting starvation has helped deaden my taste buds and still my stomach somewhat now.’
    • ‘The taste buds are small lumps on the surface of the tongue which are packed with chemical receptors.’
    • ‘Your taste buds will naturally adjust to less salty foods and will actually prefer them after a few weeks.’
    • ‘The sweet and tangy fruit sorbet cleanses the palate so your taste buds are ready to appreciate the next dish.’
    • ‘At any one time less than a third of the cells in the taste bud are innervated.’
    • ‘Our bowels and taste buds rebelled against the fare that Cook's men had found wholesome.’
    • ‘Anyways, they serve the tea in a tri-layer presentation at Mariposa, making it pretty for the eyes, refreshing to the taste bud, and soothing in the throat.’
    • ‘The taste buds of the lake sturgeon protrude from the toothless mouth and are used to help in the selection of food.’
    • ‘The taste bud contains neuroepithelial and supporting cells.’
    • ‘The texture is smooth, with a tiny amount of dark red and orange grit that buries itself deep in the crevasses between your tongue's taste buds.’
    • ‘I am not a sensation yet, however I do still have sensation in all my limbs, my nerves, and my taste buds.’
    • ‘Taste is the sensation of a dissolved object penetrating the taste buds on the tongue and surfaces of the mouth.’
    • ‘Besides, every time you pop a shard of mango in your mouth, your taste buds must be having a party.’
    palate, sense of taste, taste buds, appetite, stomach
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taste bud

/ˈtās(t) ˌbəd//ˈteɪs(t) ˌbəd/