Definition of task force in US English:

task force


  • 1An armed force organized for a special operation.

    • ‘Most of the task force's soldiers had been in Kuwait training for this day for nearly six months.’
    • ‘This causes a need for greater capability in logistics assets at the task force level.’
    • ‘Scouts talk to more people on the battlefield than anyone else in the task force.’
    • ‘Instrumental to the success of the task force has been the cooperation of the Indonesian authorities.’
    • ‘Again, he should portray an uncooperative enemy that intends to defeat the task force.’
    • ‘While in Kuwait, we received four additional companies to complete the task force.’
    • ‘The task force was ready to leave Kuwait, to move out north, to drive on to Baghdad.’
    • ‘The level of communications afforded is the same as if the task force was operating from its home base.’
    • ‘Throughout the mission, the task force was in constant contact with enemy forces.’
    • ‘The task force is here to detect, disrupt and defeat terrorist cells in the Horn of Africa.’
    • ‘Heavily armed members of the task force, police and body guards quickly took her away shortly afterwards.’
    • ‘Like the rest of us embedded reporters, he had been taken in as a member of the task force, and he was mourned as one.’
    • ‘Scouts are the eyes of the task force commander and must have the best equipment with which to see.’
    • ‘What was my mission as it pertained to the overall task force and brigade missions?’
    • ‘For example, an armor task force is planning to breach during a deliberate attack.’
    • ‘In October the largest task force of the Pacific war sailed for the island of Leyte to begin the reconquest of the archipelago.’
    • ‘The task force was down to six helicopters, the bare minimum needed to pull off the rescue.’
    • ‘A military task force suggested that nonstate actors could be a clear and present danger.’
    • ‘I was an armor task force scout platoon sergeant when my battalion deployed to Iraq.’
    • ‘An impressive resume, for sure, but one perhaps more useful to a company building a military task force than a search engine.’
    patrolman, patrolwoman, sentinel, sentry, garrison, defender
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    1. 1.1 A unit specially organized for a task.
      ‘aides say his plans include a task force on hate crimes’
      • ‘A task group is holding regular meetings to discuss ways of attracting more visitors.’
      • ‘The task group will meet again this month (September).’
      • ‘The task group is also expected to recommend training for teachers in classroom management and the role of other public agencies in improving discipline and behaviour in the classroom.’
      • ‘Before that operation took place a council task group on street drinking raised car park safety as a serious concern.’
      • ‘He intends to form of an interstate task group to tackle the emerging gangsterism that deals in drugs, prostitution and cross border scams.’
      • ‘The task group should include independent experts on human rights, constitutional law and agriculture.’
      • ‘The Board also voted to disband this task force and thanked the task force for their work.’
      • ‘The task group has presented a plan for studying these factors.’
      • ‘Now a council task group wants to hear people's views on the scheme and opinions about how successful it has been.’
      • ‘The IEEE task group charged with defining 802.15.3a is currently weighing up a number of proposed specifications.’
      • ‘Some of the recommendations included in the draft policy see the setting up of a task group.’
      • ‘This article provides a short synopsis of what the task force has accomplished to date.’
      • ‘A task group that included all members of the authority's board was formed.’
      • ‘The task force wants to determine which senators and military officials support the president.’
      • ‘The program curriculum was developed in consultation with Purdue and a task group of industry managers during summer 2002.’
      • ‘A report from the task group set up to investigate the high levels will go before the council's cabinet this week.’
      • ‘The task force predicts that the strategy will be complete and ready to implement by the summer of 2003.’
      • ‘The recommendations of the task group will be considered by the council's cabinet on May 21.’
      • ‘It seems that the task group which has been set up to look at options for the future of the museum is its final chance.’
      • ‘When the task force finished, it had the base concept of what was to become the world's best tank.’
      unit, detail, squad, troop, contingent, outfit, crew, patrol, section, formation
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task force

/ˈtæsk ˌfɔrs//ˈtask ˌfôrs/