Definition of tarp in US English:



North American
  • A tarpaulin sheet or cover.

    • ‘The tarps are used to cover storm-damaged roofs.’
    • ‘The furniture was covered with tarps and being moved to the basement of the building, as word was the new tenant already had furniture.’
    • ‘A sea of tarps and camping chairs cover the field in front of the main stage.’
    • ‘Drove by this morning and it was going strong with a big tarp up to cover the area.’
    • ‘In the panic that followed the flooding, disorganized camps consisting mainly of tarps and plastic sheets had sprung up anywhere dry land was left among the rising waters.’
    • ‘Tents that house up to 10 people at a time are made of plastic tarps, metal sheeting, or bamboo - they provide shelter to refugees for months, or sometimes even years.’
    • ‘Everywhere she looked were piles of books, tarps covering crates and furniture, old chests, and a conglomeration of junk and useful items.’
    • ‘In the park we were met by stalls and music and families and groups on friends on blue tarps drinking and picnicking under blossom covered trees.’
    • ‘They added outfield bleacher seats, a batting cage, and tarps to cover the field.’
    • ‘Even if you have a fitted boat cover, consider adding a tarp over it to protect the cover from bird droppings or other damage.’
    • ‘We've lost a number of potted plants, tarps and firewood covers over the years.’
    • ‘The coach, wrapped in blue tarps, was pulled from the deep tunnel at the Edgware Road subway station.’
    • ‘By the time they were hovering over the site, everyone had cleared away from that side of the buildings and covered the remaining outdoor equipment with tarps.’
    • ‘All meals are cooked over a campfire and every night is spent beneath a tarp.’
    • ‘Where possible, the heaters and enclosures were left in place during the concrete placement, and in all cases the concrete was covered with insulated tarps after placement.’
    • ‘With a flair beyond his scholarly appearance, the Professor swept around the room pulling tarps and covers off of the machinery.’
    • ‘The stage is half-soaked from blowing rain; the tarps covering the drums and percussion are all pretty wet.’
    • ‘Use tarps as ground cloths and to cover up gear from dew and rain.’
    • ‘The second tarp covering the cart is dusted with tiny needlelike ice crystals.’
    • ‘Some used plastic bags and tarps to create makeshift covers for their rockets, keeping them from being exposed to the rain for as long as possible before launch.’


Early 20th century: abbreviation.