Definition of tarnished plant bug in US English:

tarnished plant bug


  • Either of two brownish bugs that are pests of numerous fruits, vegetables, and other crops.

    Lygus lineolaris (in North America) and Lygus rugulipennis (in Europe)

    • ‘These include the tarnished plant bug, a relative of the stink bug; the little black sap beetle and the strawberry clipper, but they usually are less troublesome on strawberries than birds and slugs or snails.’
    • ‘The young tarnished plant bugs, called nymphs are similar to the adults except they have wing pads.’
    • ‘Among the several species of plant bugs that invade New Hampshire fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops, the one that does the most damage is the tarnished plant bug (TPB), Lygus lineolaris.’
    • ‘Also in 2002, an areawide IPM project began for tarnished plant bugs on cotton in the delta of Mississippi and Louisiana using host destruction, host-plant resistance, and remote-sensing technology.’
    • ‘The tarnished plant bug is among the most damaging of the true bugs and is known to transmit plant diseases.’