Definition of tar sand in US English:

tar sand


often tar sands
  • A deposit of sand impregnated with bitumen.

    • ‘There was also a story about Canadian tar sands, which now supply over 1 million barrels a day; this is forecast to rise to 2 million a day by the end of the decade.’
    • ‘The environmentalists also fear the Canadian natural gas will be used as an energy source for harvesting oil from the Alberta tar sands.’
    • ‘But details on how this money will be spent have not been fully released and there are indications that some of the money could go towards one of the most polluting forms of energy - tar sands.’
    • ‘Different deposits yield significantly different chemical compositions ranging from light crudes to heavy viscous tar sands.’
    • ‘In desperation, the U.S. and other nations could turn to dirtier fossil fuels - coal, tar sand and heavy oil - which will only worsen global warming.’