Definition of taqueria in US English:



  • A Mexican restaurant specializing in tacos.

    • ‘We amble through the Mission, passing forty-two taquerias along the way, and finally arrive at our destination.’
    • ‘And unlike our large impostor taco chains, which impose one mediocre style nationwide, ‘real’ (that is, authentic Mexican) taquerias are spreading variety and quality throughout the land.’
    • ‘But it was the Mexicans who would show up at Mission and 24th right by my favorite taqueria, El Farolita, and cheer to the traffic and wave and raise their fist.’
    • ‘Fresh, healthy, tasty and not too pricey will be the key ingredients of success for a taqueria here in London and I'm 100 % sure it would work - if they get those right, I will be a customer for life!’
    • ‘A guy working at a taqueria scolded me recently for not being able to speak Spanish well.’
    • ‘He met Carlos a second time in a small house that Carlos rents near the plant, in a town where the five & dime and the bakery have been replaced by a taqueria and a Mexican grocery store.’
    • ‘Corner taquerias have boomed.’
    • ‘In Nueva grandeza mexicana, the walkers venture into the pulquerias, taquerias, cabarets, and other hallmarks of mass urban culture.’
    • ‘Oh yyyyeah, this is Mexico - quaint religious shops, Virgin Marys everywhere, guys laying around on the street and taquerias vending food for one-tenth the price of just a few blocks away.’
    • ‘The taqueria Can-Cun where we end up has incredible tacos and burritos.’
    • ‘Sushi, chicken teriyaki, Thai food, Tandori, even privately owned taquerias all do well here in some way or form.’
    • ‘Bound by a freeway, sprawling shopping malls, and an elite gated community, the town encompasses one square mile of stucco cottages, dollar stores, and fast-food taquerias.’
    • ‘Frankly, if I'm going to have egg rolls or tacos I would prefer to go to a Chinese restaurant or to a mission district taqueria, respectively.’
    • ‘San Francisco has a multitude of great restaurants, especially the taquerias, which are cheap and serve beer.’
    • ‘Indeed, finding a small, family-run Mexican taqueria or panaderia - a taco stand or a traditional bakery - is much easier in downtown Los Angeles or Chicago than it is in Cancún.’
    • ‘After she earned her business degree there, the booming rise in taquerias in the city's Mission District caught her eye, he says.’
    • ‘There are some chain restaurants, and a few OK taquerias in Cambridge, but it's not a big town for Mexican food.’
    • ‘On the western edge of town residents in the community's lone taqueria look out upon a rolling current of highway traffic.’
    • ‘I finally got it close enough after consulting the cook at my local taqueria.’
    • ‘It's no real substitute for a good taqueria or other ethnic restaurant, but it's no longer all burgers and fries anymore either.’


Mexican Spanish.