Definition of taproot in US English:



  • A straight tapering root growing vertically downward and forming the center from which subsidiary rootlets spring.

    • ‘Harvested plants were separated into lateral roots, taproots, remaining leaves and stems in the crown, and regrowing leaves and stems.’
    • ‘Its primary taproot easily grows to 15 feet and when searching for moisture, as deep as 150 feet.’
    • ‘At each harvest date, three vessels of three plants each or six plants were separated into leaves, stems, taproots, lateral roots, flowers, pods, and grains.’
    • ‘Such species store nitrogen as amino acids or vegetative storage protein in their taproots, stolons and stubble.’
    • ‘The root system will have a deteriorated taproot and lateral roots will only be evident in the upper soil profile.’
    • ‘The number and basal diameter of the major first-order lateral roots, defined as roots with a diameter >0,5 mm, 40 mm from the insertion at the taproot, were measured.’
    • ‘They do not send up a green shoot in the fall; instead, a thick taproot grows down several cm into the soil.’
    • ‘The cowpea seedlings were carefully removed from the growth pouches and the few laterals, found at the basal portion of the taproot, were cut to leave only the taproot.’
    • ‘Conical lateral root primordia and round-shaped nodule primordia can be discriminated in the taproots.’
    • ‘Oenothera macrocarpa is a low, sprawling plant with a large taproot.’
    • ‘The forest trees of New Zealand exhibit a very singular factor in their growth pattern - they don't produce taproots as other forest trees do.’
    • ‘At each harvest date, 12 plants were separated into leaves, stems, taproots, and lateral roots.’
    • ‘Among the different pools of N, amino acids and soluble proteins significantly accumulated in autumn and were extensively mobilized from taproots when meristem reactivation occurred in the spring.’
    • ‘The amount of N increased in green leaves, stem, taproots and flowers up to the end of flowering.’
    • ‘Xylem and xylem parenchyma can be recognized in the centre of the taproot surrounded by a ring of meristematic tissue with very high intensity.’
    • ‘All downy oaks had a taproot plus shallow horizontal roots.’
    • ‘Old generative plants are characterized by less-vigorous stems with lower stature and with only one weakly developed umbel, and an extensive taproot with many stumps of previous flower stalks.’
    • ‘The sugar beet Vp1 gene was specifically expressed in taproots, but not in leaves, stems, and inflorescences.’
    • ‘All genes are transcribed in taproots while transcription in leaves is low or undetectable.’
    • ‘Afterward, the most relevant morphological parameters, i.e. the leaf area, fresh and dry weights (after drying at 105°C until constant weight) of taproots and leaves etc, were measured.’
    radicle, rhizome, rootstock, tuber, tap root, rootlet
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