Definition of taphonomist in US English:



  • See taphonomy

    • ‘Until more archaeologists, not just faunal analysts and taphonomists, recognize the range and variety of animals that can deposit marine or estuarine animal remains into archaeological localities, insufficient research attention will be paid to distinguishing taphonomic agents.’
    • ‘By helping to solve puzzles like this, taphonomists increase our understanding of the fossil record.’
    • ‘Intensive interdisciplinary research by archaeologists, anthropologists, geologists, taphonomists, animal behaviourists and psychologists has proved Darwin right on both scores.’
    • ‘The probability of fossilization is investigated by taphonomists and geologists, who have concluded that it usually is very low.’
    • ‘She is also part of a large group of oceanographers and taphonomists of the SSETI project (Shelf / Slope Taphonomic Initiative) examining carbonate preservation and destruction across the shelf and slope regions in Gulf of Mexico and Bahamas using submersibles.’