Definition of tape machine in English:

tape machine


  • A tape recorder.

    • ‘I sat at a table, with a tape machine under the newspaper, because I was prepared to have an interview with him.’
    • ‘There was another guy in my cell and none of us realised the tape machine was still going.’
    • ‘There are no seamless pause-edits to keep the groove; you can actually hear the tape machine stopping and re-recording between each cut, and yet there is an odd pleasure in grooves that work against dancing.’
    • ‘An analog tape machine that is not frequently used may require more than an alignment.’
    • ‘With members of the band spread between Europe and the States, new songs regularly wing their way across the globe, the result of hours spent hunched over digital tape machines.’
    • ‘I remember the excitement of being in a studio with nice tape machines, and knowing we were going to be there maybe two or three weeks.’
    • ‘On the morning of the Shia festival of Ashura, he was eating breakfast in his spacious Baghdad villa when the peace was shattered by the din of religious chanting coming from a tape machine in the room of his driver.’
    • ‘Stupidly, I chose to wait for the tape machine to get fixed, partly because I was curiously transfixed by the stunning technical ineptitude.’
    • ‘Late one night, we were working on punching in a vocal section of a song, and after the first take, I let the tape machine roll a bit further into the song.’
    • ‘When possible she had a tape machine or a ‘camcorder’ - a small unit recording video and audio - hidden in her bag and chronicled the interview.’
    • ‘He never patented his portable tape machine or the microphones he created because he had no grasp of the financial side of the business.’
    • ‘Unobtrusive is the reporter's notebook under the table where they can't see you're doodling, or the tape machine they've forgotten you switched on.’
    • ‘Music studios traditionally have tape machines that can record up to 64 tracks, and multiple machines can be synched to make an unlimited amount of tracks available.’
    • ‘And if you've got a piece of paper and a pen, or access to a tape machine, or access to a video camera - and now access to the Internet - you are as much of a journalist as anybody out there.’
    • ‘Like a tape machine, there is equalization on both the drive and pickup amps.’
    • ‘The truck, equipped with 12 cameras, 11 HD tape machines and full production facilities, will be for hire, potentially bringing in more revenue.’
    • ‘Exceptionally large power amplifiers and/or multitrack tape machines will significantly increase the power requirements, especially if everything is powered up at once.’
    • ‘So he's running monitors and tape machines simultaneously, and then once we get into the studio, he'll be the head engineer.’
    • ‘Then the tape machine broke like five times, and so it was like an absolutely frantic experience.’
    • ‘He sets up well away from fellow spectators, for fear his comments into his small tape machine might distract those around him, before getting out his Thermos and list that details points of interest about every player.’


tape machine

/tāp məˈSHēn/