Definition of tape grass in US English:

tape grass


  • A submerged aquatic plant of the frog's-bit family, with narrow grasslike leaves.

    Genus Vallisneria, family Hydrocharitaceae: several species

    Also called eelgrass and ribbon grass
    • ‘While tape grass and other sheltering grass species such as turtle grass are fairly common often growing plentifully in both still and fast moving waters throughout Florida and other states, its presence is key in the developmental stages of many estuarine wildlife species.’
    • ‘The tape-grass has long, narrow, strap-like leaves, and it can form dense, perennial stands in still or slowly moving waters.’
    • ‘Vallisneria spiralis, or tape grass, produces new plantlets at the base of existing specimens; these may be removed and replanted.’
    • ‘Tape grass is remarkable for the manner in which it reproduces.’