Definition of tante in US English:



  • (especially among those of French or German origin) a mature or elderly woman who is related or well known to the speaker (often used as a respectful form of address)

    ‘little Lucien was listening to the tantes whisper in French just inside the door’
    as name ‘I told them about my Tante Frieda in the Great War’
    • ‘My one uncle married Tante Lily who we were given to understand was a natural child of Tante Wagner and who no doubt today was also Jewish by birth, but this was not known nor discussed then.’
    • ‘"I wrote to your Tante Henriette, " Mutti said, with a nervous glance towards the hall and the sitting room".’
    • ‘She moves from her parodic performance of Jewishness as the niece of "Tante Ruchel" to an equally stereotypical performance of blackness as a spy in her father's house.’


French, Dutch tante, German Tante ‘aunt’.