Definition of tanorexia in US English:



  • An obsessive desire to acquire and maintain a suntan, by natural or artificial methods.

    • ‘And for the first time I began to miss my old life, my old self-obsessed, narcissistic, no room-for-anyone-else-but-me kind of life filled with my own depressing issues of self-hate, loneliness and tanorexia.’
    • ‘People with tanorexia have tanned skin but look into the mirror and see themselves as too pale.’
    • ‘Tony, who is now 15, is one of a growing number of teenagers thought to be suffering from tanorexia.’
    • ‘These days there is even a term for tan addiction - tanorexia - because of the amount of young people putting themselves at risk.’
    • ‘Assuming that you don't have tanorexia—a compulsion marked by frequent trips to the tanning booth—you have every reason to feel optimistic about your skin.’
    • ‘But was I secretly suffering from an acute case of tanorexia, only just managing to keep my inner torment under control with the help of factor 2 carrot oil?’


1980s: blend of tan (sense 2 of the noun) and anorexia.