Definition of tannery in US English:



  • A place where animal hides are tanned; the workshop of a tanner.

    • ‘The tannery, situated outside Windhoek, has been closed for business since Monday, 22 April.’
    • ‘The waste product, it says, generated during the operation of the tannery was dumped in the Mill Pond or stored in barrels or vats throughout the site.’
    • ‘Cotton manufacturing was the chief industry but there was also a brewery, a tannery and a brickworks.’
    • ‘By 1860, it had long served as a waste collector for the tanneries, dyers, and other factories in the area, and it had a notorious reputation for its brown color and putrid odors.’
    • ‘One of the many artisans attracted by the commerce of the town was John Lovegrove, who established his tannery and shoemaking business on High Street as early as 1720.’
    • ‘It's not yet known if the plant will continue specifically as a tannery but in any event, it will reopen as an industrial factory and will create employment.’
    • ‘The town boasted three flour mills, a bakery, a tannery, several breweries, shops and rows and rows of little cottages.’
    • ‘A teenage arsonist is to be put under curfew and electronically tagged, after starting a devastating blaze which ripped through a former tannery near York.’
    • ‘We would have liked to have seen the tannery refurbished, but that was not possible.’
    • ‘Most of the hides produced at the tannery were exported to Europe.’
    • ‘A local tannery informed him that virtually every hide that was dealt with in this country was affected, and that even the best hides usually showed some damage, and were consequently less valuable.’
    • ‘In the late 19th century, the area around Victoria Park was home to boot factories, breweries and tanneries, all of which were positioned to enable them to flush waste into the Yarra River.’
    • ‘Paper factories, glass factories, tanneries, forges, and other such establishments, which sold principally to local and national markets, had a far from negligible output.’
    • ‘Currently the tannery handles about 1 200 skins per day.’
    • ‘While it is desirable that some appropriate use is made of the land formerly occupied by the tannery, housing development is most certainly not a desirable option.’
    • ‘This popular excursion destination was founded in the 1820 by Scottish and Irish immigrants, many of whom worked in local quarries, railroads, mills and tanneries.’
    • ‘The old tannery could be demolished, it is empty and an eyesore, and the materials used to create an environmentally improved site approach.’
    • ‘The town has suffered a spate of deliberately started fires this year, including high profile blazes at the old tannery and new hospital buildings.’
    • ‘Everyone has been keen to see the back of the tannery, but let's not forget that it has been part of the industrial history of this site and the building of which it forms part has been here since at least the 1790s.’
    • ‘Nearby is an organic tannery at Torrisdale Castle, which was built in the 19th century from wealth generated by the East India Company.’