Definition of tankage in US English:



  • 1The storage capacity of a tank.

    ‘deep bilges allow generous fuel and water tankage’
    • ‘It is expected that the incinerator would run for about ten hours a day, and tankage on the test system is designed to mimic the highs and lows of use in terms of grey water – higher at the beginning of a shift, when more people are taking showers and washing, for example.’
    • ‘The C-69B was to have extra tankage and was intended as a long-range troop transport while the C-69D was to have further improvements over the B.’
    • ‘The ex-Dutch B-25s had reduced internal fuel tankage, requiring fuel tanks to be fitted in the bomb bays to giving them useful range but virtually eliminating their offensive capability.’
    • ‘The corporation is also giving final touches to its auto liquefied petroleum gas dispensing stations on Anna Salai, near Guindy, with "a tankage enough to meet the daily Autogas requirement for about 400 autorickshaws".’
    • ‘"Our Terminal was originally constructed in the early 1990s with total tankage of two million barrels and has served as the cornerstone of our business over the last 13 years."’
    • ‘Design fuel capacity is 356,065 pounds, including a maximum of 238,565 pounds in the standard wing tankage and a maximum of 117,500 pounds stored in seven fuel cells below the main deck.’
    • ‘We have more fuel and water tankage than many 40-foot boats.’
    1. 1.1 The storage of something in a tank or a charge made for such storage.
      ‘Liquefied Petroleum Gas needs special tankage and filling facilities are sparse’
      • ‘Of the proposed tankage, 1.5 million tonnes will be built at Mangalore and one million tonnes at Vizag.’
      • ‘The company plans to build 1.1 million barrels of additional tankage in Cushing.’
      • ‘Besides, the country at present has tankage to provide for 45 days' cover of petroleum products.’
      • ‘"The truck is equipped with tankage to enable the transportation of 500 litres of diesel fuel, 500 litres each of bulk engine oil and hydraulic oil and collection of 200 litres of used oil from equipment operating at mining working ends," he said.’
  • 2A fertilizer or animal feed obtained from the residue from tanks in which animal carcasses have been rendered.

    • ‘Tankage is not ordinarily fed to dairy cows but during the 1934–35 feeding season many dairymen fed it as a protein supplement because of its relatively low price.’
    • ‘On top of this were the rooms where they dried the ‘tankage’, the mass of brown stringy stuff that was left after the waste portions of the carcasses had had the lard and tallow dried out of them.’
    • ‘Normally less than 5% meat meal and tankage are used in growing and finishing diets for pigs and less than 10% in diets for brood sows and poultry.’