Definition of tanglefoot in English:



North American
  • 1trademark Material applied to a tree trunk as a grease band, especially to prevent infestation by insects.

    • ‘Make your own sticky trap by smearing Vaseline or Tanglefoot on a yellow surface and hang it up close to where the adults congregate.’
    • ‘Ants were excluded by placing Tanglefoot around a tape and wax-paper sleeve at the base of the plant, and by clipping the surrounding vegetation.’
    • ‘Dead adult mites were rarely found in the Tanglefoot or inside of the enclosure, indicating that adult mortality was not a major contributor to mite fitness.’
  • 2informal Intoxicating liquor, especially cheap whiskey.

    • ‘One of the town's most famous visitors, he described the horrible whiskey he was served here as "tanglefoot."’
    • ‘He could run faster, jump higher, hit harder, and hold more tangle-foot whisky without spilling it than any man in seventeen counties.’
    • ‘"It is reported that the proprietor of a low shebeen for emigrants in an obscure hollow had succumbed from injuries, but," added the editor, with a fine touch of Western humor, "whether this was the result of his being forcibly mixed up with his own tanglefoot whiskey or not, we are unable to determine from the evidence before us."’