Main definitions of tanga in US English:

: tanga1Tanga2


(also tanga briefs)


  • A pair of briefs consisting of small panels connected by strings at the sides.

    • ‘Fashion and pinups aside, the breakout of tangas on real beaches is often attributed to Brazilians, who are also credited with the origin of the word, occasionally also spelled tunga, tonga.’
    • ‘According to the latter, if you want to do it the Brazilian way, guys should be sporting nothing but a sunga, a tiny piece of square Lycra, and ladies need to invest in a tanga, a minuscule bikini.’
    • ‘Eyewitnesses claim to have seen ‘a beautiful woman with wild golden-streaked chestnut-colored hair wearing a golden tanga with little silver stars embroidered beneath the waistband.’’
    • ‘This stylish white tanga is made from super soft cotton eyelet fabric making this incredibly comfortable.’
    • ‘This marvellous creation is worked in precious two-tone variegated lace, and is accompanied by a tanga panty and a push-up bra with latticed straps.’
    • ‘In the mists of time, some wise man called together the tribe and said, ‘Look, in a few thousand years, strange pale men will arrive wearing tanga briefs, just don't have anything to do with them.’’


Early 20th century (denoting a loincloth worn by indigenous peoples in tropical America): from Portuguese, ultimately of Bantu origin. The current sense dates from the 1970s.




Main definitions of tanga in US English:

: tanga1Tanga2


proper noun

  • One of the principal ports of Tanzania, situated in the northeast of the country, on the Indian Ocean; population 240,000 (est. 2009).