Definition of tandoor in US English:



  • A clay oven of a type used originally in northern India and Pakistan.

    • ‘I add a twist of tradition by soaking the lentils overnight, cooking them in a tandoor, then deep frying them so they get crisp on the outside but keep their soft interior.’
    • ‘Generous chunks of meaty fish were dry marinated in spices, baked in the tandoor and served with rice and naan.’
    • ‘The versatility of the cuisine and the custom of cooking in community ovens or tandoors have entered the homes of many communities.’
    • ‘They were marinated in ginger, garlic, yoghurt and garam masala, then barbecued in the tandoor oven and served with fresh mint chutney.’
    • ‘The Blonde had the doracha seekh, a combination of chicken and crab flakes chargrilled in the tandoor oven and served with a piquant mango and avocado chutney, at £7.50.’
    • ‘Since breads play a major role in Indian cuisine, the restaurant imported mud from specific regions of India to make the tandoor, influencing the taste to some extent.’
    • ‘The irreverent cook can, of course, substitute the tandoor with an electric oven, and the oven with a covered saucepan, and so on.’
    • ‘‘I prefer using a combination of traditional tandoor and charcoal griller,’ she says.’
    • ‘In the back are two, simple, bucket tandoors: one for skewers, one for bread.’
    • ‘The restaurant also has a tandoor in their kitchen, which allows the chiefs to make Indian style barbecue of various flavours.’
    • ‘On the other hand, Dhingri Saffedi is a delicious preparation of mushrooms, containing khoya, panneer and ‘till’ seeds, roasted to sizzling heat in a tandoor.’
    • ‘When I announced I would prefer mine without butter, the guy fishing them out of the tandoor ignored the request.’
    • ‘The old women had brought pitchers full of buttermilk and loads of bread baked in tandoors.’
    • ‘Ditto the butter chicken, which is first marinated in tandoori sauce, then roasted in the tandoor and sauced up with cream and butter.’
    • ‘Choose from the assortment, stuffed with a variety of fillings and cooked to your order in the tandoor or on a tawa.’
    • ‘The squid was barbecued in the tandoor oven and we all marvelled at how tender it was.’
    • ‘Preheat a grill, griddle or barbecue (in the absence of a tandoor oven) until glowing hot.’
    • ‘They are loved for their hot, tasty food, which is served direct from the tandoor oven.’
    • ‘More than 175 participants will be putting up stalls, showcasing products ranging from electric tandoors to Ford automobiles.’
    • ‘Nowadays, the basic nan is a wheat-flour bread leavened with a starter of the sourdough kind, cooked in a clay tandoor.’


From Urdu tandūr, from Persian tanūr, based on Arabic tannūr ‘oven’.