Definition of tambala in US English:



  • A monetary unit of Malawi, equal to one hundredth of a kwacha.

    • ‘Such fuel price hikes spell doom for a poor villager who has to add a few more tambalas when buying paraffin.’
    • ‘He was about seven years old, dressed in rags and begging for tambalas in the local market.’
    • ‘The Reserve Bank of Malawi on November 11 issued a new series of 20 tambala and 50 tambala coins.’
    • ‘Company X and Y both pay annual dividend of 40 tambala to their shareholders and this is expected to continue in perpetuity.’
    • ‘As with the 1 tambala, the 1 Kwacha had the rooster design removed, this design was replaced by that of an eagle.’


From Nyanja, literally ‘cockerel’.