Definition of tamas in US English:



  • (in Vedanta) the element or mode of prakriti associated with lethargy, darkness, and ignorance.

    • ‘The three forms are traced to the three gunas, namely rajas, sattva and tamas.’
    • ‘Those in which rajas or tamas predominate make it hard to achieve the mental tranquillity necessary to worship effectively or achieve enlightenment.’
    • ‘Happiness which is obtained with ‘delusion from beginning to end’ and that arises from laziness and fantasy is achieved in the mode of tamas or ignorance.’
    • ‘He also assimilated the three characteristics called gunas (namely tattva virtue, rajas power, passion and tamas mediocrity), specified in the Sankhya literature, into his teachings.’
    • ‘Agni dispels darkness or tamas that fills the world.’