Definition of tallboy in US English:



  • 1British A tall chest of drawers, typically one mounted on legs and in two sections, one standing on the other.

    Compare with highboy
    • ‘I really need to go sort out Dante's tallboy - I can't fit anything in there, there is too much that doesn't fit him anymore.’
    • ‘On one side, next to an eighteenth century Indo-Portuguese tallboy, stood a superb tall Satsuma vase.’
    • ‘Another is the lower part of an 18th Century tallboy with open base turned into a fashionable writing table.’
    • ‘I have found myself pacing around trying but failing to find things to do to keep my mind occupied, occasionally popping into the nursery in a fatherly manner to make sure that the useless door hinge has not failed on the tallboy.’
    • ‘There is a growing fashion for contemporary collectors and the younger generation of country-house owners to juxtapose the old and the new, such as a group of pots by Edmund de Waal on top of a walnut tallboy.’
    • ‘To prove the point I had a good poke around in my tallboy and found what I think is called a fisherman's hat.’
    • ‘The items included a tallboy at £3,400, a chest of two short and three long drawers at £1, 950, and a small blanket chest at £1, 250.’
    • ‘Maggie, I think, is curled up in the third drawer down of the tallboy.’
  • 2North American A large can in which beer or another drink is sold, typically holding 16 or 25 fluid ounces.

    ‘I was drinking a tallboy of Budweiser at the time’