Definition of talkathon in US English:



  • A prolonged discussion or debate.

    • ‘There was a huge talkathon in the United States Senate this week.’
    • ‘Hobbs has a simple calculation that predicts a minimum level of commercial success for lib-lab talkathons.’
    • ‘He insists that the denizens at the Guinness Book of World Records have given him the permission for the talkathon and were even watching his event closely.’
    • ‘Though it's easy to see why Waking Life was better-loved, Linklater's live-action talkathon is still worth watching, even if it never transcends its self-imposed limitations.’
    • ‘In the television age, senators have avoided round-the-clock talkathons, which had led their predecessors to set up cots in cloakrooms and rig up plastic bags so they wouldn't have to interrupt their orations for a bathroom break.’
    • ‘Merv's smart showing there got him a daytime chat show, whose geniality continues today in the Ellen DeGeneris talkathon.’


1930s (originally US, denoting a debate artificially prolonged to prevent the progress of a bill): blend of talk and marathon.