Definition of talk (or speak) in riddles in US English:

talk (or speak) in riddles


  • Express oneself in an ambiguous or puzzling manner.

    • ‘Sorry if it sounds like I'm talking in riddles here.’
    • ‘There were reports of a permanently stoned Perry walking backwards and talking in riddles while striking the ground with a hammer.’
    • ‘The members start wearing fancy dress and talking in riddles and inventing elaborate codes of conduct.’
    • ‘He speaks in riddles; no one understands a word he says.’
    • ‘He speaks in riddles, shrouds his decisions in mystery, never gives individual interviews and is so paranoid at being misquoted that he refuses to have his sphinx-like utterances translated into English.’
    • ‘Would you please just stop talking in riddles?’
    • ‘Pleat preferred to talk in riddles about the future of the club rather than the game, which Spurs won thanks to two fine individual goals.’
    • ‘Out of respect to tradition, I always make a point of speaking in riddles or of burying my very best prophecies in a set of casual, seemingly off-hand remarks.’
    • ‘Anyone walking through the Looking Glass would be transported instantly into Wonderland, a world where animals talked in riddles and common sense wasn't so common.’
    • ‘I point out that I'm here to find out stuff, not talk in riddles.’