Definition of take up residence in US English:

take up residence


  • Start living in a particular place.

    • ‘Much of the first part of the novel details the adjustments and humiliations the family endures as they take up residence in the United States.’
    • ‘John took up residence in Paris and immersed himself in a French surrealism that was to determine the very nature of the New York school.’
    • ‘Sarah took up residence in the guesthouse during her engagement.’
    • ‘I took up residence here and spent a lot of time with him.’
    • ‘The couple evidently redecorated when they took up residence, judging by furnishings and wallpaper dating from this period.’
    • ‘He took up residence in a hotel for the next three days.’
    • ‘Exiled in 1946, after the assassination of his father, Boris III in 1943, he took up residence in Spain.’
    • ‘I took up residence in Rumford, where I wrote for the theatre there.’
    • ‘Tired of fortune hunters, they took up residence at the estate they called Rosewood and seemed to be content to live a life of seclusion there.’
    • ‘Today the council wants to build a shopping mall next to the museum, and knock down Burton Croft - as soon as the squatters who recently took up residence there have been evicted.’