Definition of take thought in US English:

take thought


  • Reflect or consider.

    • ‘This he does by studying the whole situation, seeing the relation of his community to others, getting light on the present problems from past experiences, and taking thought not only for the immediate present but for the future.’
    • ‘The English have a certain power of acting without taking thought.’
    • ‘The theoretical scientist is one whose exertions are mental rather than physical, who makes discoveries by taking thought rather than by turning stones.’
    • ‘Just as I am sustained by others, often without my knowing or taking thought, so my work, too, helps to sustain the world, even in the absence of appreciation, promotion or pay.’
    • ‘Nevertheless Joe always lived for the day and never took thought of tomorrow and he could say at the end of his days which ended in poverty, that he had no regrets.’