Definition of take something to heart in US English:

take something to heart


  • Take criticism seriously and be affected or upset by it.

    • ‘It's easy to take the criticism to heart but that will put us further in the mire.’
    • ‘So I really took her advice to heart and never criticized any of his speeches.’
    • ‘But when you get older you realise there's no point in getting upset or taking it to heart when people are making comments about you.’
    • ‘According to surveys by several executive compensation consultants, boards took the criticism to heart.’
    • ‘Then I'll learn from their example and take their criticisms to heart.’
    • ‘I ended up taking the criticism to heart and worrying about what I'd heard all week.’
    • ‘I'm prepared to accept criticism and take it to heart if it's constructive.’
    • ‘Rather than taking this criticism to heart - and perhaps even trying to do better - Sammy instead began pouting.’
    • ‘The Coast Guard took this criticism to heart and proposed two significant changes to its boat defect recall laws.’
    • ‘Through most of this period, I've tried to focus on taking the criticisms to heart - understanding the arguments, looking closely at the evidence, and trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.’