Definition of take something kindly in English:

take something kindly


  • Like or be pleased by something.

    • ‘I do not take it kindly that the mayor of this town will allow the American Nazi party to have their rally at the Crossing Park.’
    • ‘Who would object… who would take it kindly if any one should assume to protect him by driving off those who wanted to bring him such things?’
    • ‘Brixton didn't take it kindly but with me standing right next to Lita, there was nothing he could do but curse out loud a few times.’
    • ‘I don't suppose Lancaster would take it kindly to know you and some others of your ilk didn't exactly hold off that mob from the Savoy, now did you?’
    • ‘And since all that's the case, I'd take it kindly if you and Hurthang and perhaps your friends Kaeritha and Brandark would be sitting down with Marglyth and me to thrash out just how we'd best go about letting that word out.’
    • ‘I don't take it kindly when people treat me unfairly.’
    • ‘‘I've been cautioned that the members of the Iowa Legislature might not take it kindly,’ said Sen.’
    • ‘And the BJP and its vote bank will not take it kindly.’
    • ‘He fends off questions with a heavy irony that I want to warn him - except I'm not sure he'll take it kindly - doesn't work in print.’
    • ‘That was a pretty thinly veiled shot at Exel, who did not take the comments kindly.’