Definition of take ship in US English:

take ship


  • Set off on a voyage by ship; embark.

    ‘finally, he took ship for Boston’
    • ‘You will then take ship at Krelik and sail down the Spear.’
    • ‘In 296, with Maximian guarding the Rhine, Constantius and his praetorian prefect, Asclepiodotus, took ship for Britain.’
    • ‘The army took ship on 5 April, but was struck by catastrophe.’
    • ‘Without the strong hand of the emperor, the German army began to break up: some returned to Europe, some took ship and sailed to Antioch, and some went overland to Antioch.’
    • ‘We took ship together to England, to visit the court in London.’
    • ‘And when we had taken our leave one of another, we took ship; and they returned home again.’
    • ‘Early in 1406 events came to a head when James fled for safety to the Bass Rock, took ship for France, only to be captured at sea and delivered to Henry IV of England.’
    • ‘The first battle was decisive, in so far as James immediately accepted that his own game was up, and took ship for France.’
    • ‘These ambassadors took ship for Norway immediately after the court scene, on 2 November.’
    • ‘On 17 March 49 B.C., Pompey took ship for Macedonia.’
    board ship, go on board, go aboard, climb aboard, step aboard, take ship
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