Definition of take place in US English:

take place


  • Occur.

    • ‘A small degree of fund-raising has already taken place but there will be more to come.’
    • ‘Two meetings of the steering group behind the proposal have already taken place.’
    • ‘The surface was ready to play on so quickly because the settlement of the soil had already taken place in Yorkshire.’
    • ‘So many changes to the town and surrounding lands have already taken place and yet there are many more to come.’
    • ‘One meeting has already taken place and we expect the programme to run over the next two years.’
    • ‘A general consultation has already taken place and the next stage will be a series of public meetings.’
    • ‘Much of what economists do is analyse the statistics of what has already taken place.’
    • ‘Initial talks have already taken place and Joy is confident the case for change can be successfully argued.’
    • ‘Discussions have already taken place about the merger since both schools have been hit by falling numbers.’
    • ‘Several peace marches have already taken place at the site and a peace camp has been set up nearby.’
    happen, occur, come about, transpire, crop up, materialize, arise, chance, fall out
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