Definition of take no notice in US English:

take no notice


  • Pay no attention to someone or something.

    • ‘My husband told them not to do it but they took no notice.’
    • ‘Clearly, her colleagues took no notice of the warning.’
    • ‘Several servants bowed as he passed, but he took no notice of it.’
    • ‘But the government took no notice, until the consequences became manifest.’
    • ‘They are sitting in their offices in London taking no notice.’
    • ‘Judging from the number of people who took no notice, I suggest plans for next year are changed.’
    • ‘Their occupied attention caused them to take no notice of their muscled and bulky master calling for them.’
    • ‘When she approached the junction with Church Road she noticed a blue hatchback car moving slowly very close to the kerb, but took no notice because she thought he was lost.’
    • ‘Much later, he crept downstairs and drank from his water dish, but he wasn't his old self and took no notice of me.’
    • ‘People are once again taking no notice of parking restrictions because we have no enforcement officer.’
    pay no attention, pay no attention to, ignore, disregard, pay no heed, pay no heed to, take no account, take no account of, turn a deaf ear, turn a deaf ear to, brush aside, shrug off, set aside, turn a blind eye, turn a blind eye to, shut one's eyes, shut one's eyes to, pass over, let pass, let go, overlook, look the other way, pretend not to notice
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