Definition of take it out of in US English:

take it out of


  • Exhaust the strength of (someone)

    ‘parties and tours can take it out of you, especially if you are over 65’
    • ‘Driving constantly at such a high speed really takes it out of you.’
    • ‘DJ-ing for such long sets really takes it out of you and it's strenuous.’
    • ‘Every so often we would try to get them to come out of their rooms, but they were exhausted - it really took it out of them.’
    • ‘This week could be one that takes it out of me completely.’
    • ‘But man, two and half hours of running around after a Frisbee will really take it out of you… and every joint and tendon.’
    • ‘But there is no doubt that it takes it out of you when you're IT with a poorly toddler and a big ol' fat pregnant belly, a household still to run and so forth.’
    • ‘For our exhausted purposes ('cause holy man, this film really takes it out of you) I'm pretty sure two will do.’
    • ‘That really took it out of me; I felt exhausted afterwards.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly 4 hours of semi-sober sleep followed by 12 hours of work, followed by 6 hours of recovery sleep, followed by another 12 hours of work takes it out of you.’
    • ‘I was traveling from the North West of the City to the East End by bus and I think that took it out of me a lot.’
    exhaust, drain, enervate, tire, fatigue, wear out, weary, debilitate, jade
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