Definition of take a chair (or seat) in US English:

take a chair (or seat)


  • Sit down.

    • ‘The smile refusing to leave my face, I obediently led my friend into the living room, where the two of us stepped over the discarded scouting reports and each took a chair.’
    • ‘She took a chair beside a disheveled looking woman who was most likely a writer and waited patiently for someone important to arrive.’
    • ‘Each of them took a chair after setting their books down at the table.’
    • ‘He then took a chair at the back of the room, as did my mother, and all of a sudden I was unsure of what I was meant to do or say.’
    • ‘Nezbek walked into the main room and took a chair.’
    • ‘Sean sat in a chair in the corner of the plain room and the girls each took a chair opposite him.’
    • ‘He took a chair, and watched her warily through wire-framed glasses.’
    • ‘Isis then stepped down from the platform and took a chair near it, where she could still see the whole Council but she was no longer the center of attention.’
    • ‘Yoli came in after a bit and took a chair and introductions were made.’
    • ‘Jude followed Jamie into the board room of Mason Enterprises and took a chair near the back of the room.’