Definition of taimen in US English:



  • A food fish that is closely related to the huchen, widespread in Siberia and eastern Asia.

    Hucho taimen, family Salmonidae

    • ‘Charlie had seen, once, a big taimen resting in a deep bend of the river.’
    • ‘It's a taimen of forty-five perhaps fifty pounds.’
    • ‘Although indigenous settlements border the plateau, few hunters or fishermen venture into the interior, where taimen and grayling await your hook.’
    • ‘All the usual varieties were laid out - zander, whitefish, trout and taimen.’
    • ‘Part of Sweetwater's catch-and-release regimen involves tagging and tracking the taimen, to fill in the gaps about their habits.’
    • ‘As well as creating economic incentives for protecting the taimen, the team hopes to foster a faith-based conservation ethic by rebuilding the Dayan Derkh Buddhist monastery in Hövsgöl province.’
    • ‘You've got much more than a fish on when you've nabbed a taimen, a specimen that regularly grows to five feet long and dines on prairie dogs and ducks.’
    • ‘The big taimen I was after were in the bigger rivers at lower altitude.’
    • ‘A massive salmonid once common from Bohemia to Hokkaido, the taimen is making one of its last stands here, in the high, cold, pure rivers of Mongolia's remote watersheds.’
    • ‘That makes the taimen the world's largest salmonid (a family that includes salmon and trout).’


From Russian.