Definition of tailwheel in US English:



  • A wheel supporting the tail of an aircraft, designed to ease handling while on the ground.

    • ‘In the pull, I heard a ‘thump’ and concluded that the tailwheel must have gone to full extension and hit a lower stop as a result of the ascent rate.’
    • ‘In every sense, it's everything that made the Skyhawk the world's most popular airplane - except with the advantages of a tailwheel.’
    • ‘After doing a quick check on the fit of the skin panels, TAF focus went to the additional brackets for the tailwheel, and the cut-outs for the single piece horizontal stabilizer.’
    • ‘Finally, the Maule MX7180A is one of Maule's myriad of handmade models, available in your choice of nosegear or tailwheel.’
    • ‘The tailwheel is steerable, and an extra stab on either brake pedal will kick the rear wheel into full caster, allowing easy maneuvering in tight spaces.’
    • ‘While some purists might insist a classic airplane needs to fly in front of a tailwheel or behind a round engine, we chose the simpler definition that it merely be at least 40 years old.’
    • ‘On one mission he flew so low over a German warship that he came back with the ship's aerial trailing from his tailwheel.’
    • ‘As the tailwheel lifts during the takeoff run, gyroscopic precession tries to turn the plane left of centerline.’
    • ‘You're looking for relative movement between the fuselage and the spring, between the spring and the tailwheel, and between the tailwheel and the wheel itself.’
    • ‘She had recognized the stuck-pin signal from the plane captain and had released the parking brake (an H - 3 trick for unsticking a stuck pin) and had also complied with my call for unlocking the aircraft tailwheel.’