Definition of tailing in English:



  • 1tailingsThe residue of something, especially ore.

    • ‘Future generations might actually find our radioactive wastes valuable, just as old mine tailings are a useful source of precious metals today.’
    • ‘Then, in the early twentieth century, cleanup crews hauled away the tailings from the gold mine, leaving a depression that created a lake.’
    • ‘Hence, a deep hole dug in these dumps today can yield three-hundred-year-old tailings that contain excellent mineral specimens.’
    • ‘The problem was that the same water essential to the powering of industry also served to granulate and sluice hundreds of thousands of tons of slag, tailings, and smelter waste into the river.’
    • ‘The remnant ore inside the old stopes, pillars (low grade material not mined before) and tailings used as backfilling are being leached with mild acid solution.’
    • ‘Wheeler averred that ‘slag and tailings which are put into the river by this plant do not in any way affect the water for drinking purposes.’’
    • ‘Questions about possible adverse health effects from environmental and occupational exposures to uranium have arisen as a result of uranium mining, residual mine tailings, and the use of depleted uranium in the military.’
    • ‘The decline had partially filled with tailings and other debris while underwater, necessitating significant rehabilitation.’
    • ‘Finally, he noted the ‘damage to ranch property owing to the deposit of slag and tailings on the land, and the injurious effect upon the irrigating machinery and ditches.’’
    • ‘I say this because in the mid distance is the Swinden Limestone Quarry, and they are removing one hill, and making another with the quarry tailings, and successfully grassing over the spoil and planting trees.’
    • ‘Mine wastes have been generated over the last several centuries of mining, the two primary mining wastes being mine tailings and waste rock.’
    • ‘Much of the pollution comes from mine tailings, or residues.’
    • ‘There were problems associated with the disposal of tons of overburden and tailings stored on the banks of the Kawerong or washed into the Jaba River, changing its flow and poisoning its waters.’
    • ‘Other fields had tailings and slag in varying quantities.’
    • ‘The author stands in front of an erosion-carved wasteland - the result of 40 years of waiting for nature to reclaim this pile of mine tailings in Miami, Ariz.’
    • ‘We've come to the Kennedy Mines Tailing Wheels, which were once these four huge wheels that carried the tailings, or residue, from the mines.’
    • ‘Heavy metal skins form on rocks downstream from mine tailings; they can have high concentrations of copper, lead, zinc, manganese, iron, cadmium, mercury, and other heavy metals.’
    • ‘The lake by the doorway was barely more than a large pond now, heavy and odorous with effluents leached from the tailings by rains.’
    • ‘The asphalt uses taconite tailings as a substrate instead of rock aggregate, which is more widely used in asphalt but doesn't produce a product that is as durable as the tailings-based asphalt.’
    • ‘These terra-cotta-colored walls are made of quarry tailings with cement and a little water added.’
  • 2The part of a beam or projecting brick or stone embedded in a wall.

    • ‘After tooling, cut off mortar tailings with trowel and brush excess mortar burrs and dust from face of brick.’