Definition of tabi in US English:



  • A thick-soled Japanese ankle sock with a separate section for the big toe.

    • ‘Dropping quickly on all fours, I glanced towards the open window and managed to glimpse the last of her tabi - she had vanished into the shadows of the night.’
    • ‘He was ready to go in his white referee's uniform and tabi while your humble correspondent handled the functions of both chief judge and official scorer.’
    • ‘Her geta kept her bare feet - she'd entirely forgotten to put on tabi - protected from the snow, if not from the cold, while Izumi's curled body gave her hands some measure of warmth.’
    • ‘The room itself was six tatami mats in size, the bamboo slightly worn in some areas, but otherwise in good condition; they felt relatively comfortable, even when one only wore tabi on their feet.’
    • ‘We were supposed to move on to making kimono once we had completed the tabi, but mother did not want to see your frustrated face again.’