Definition of tabbouleh in US English:


(also tabouli)


  • An Arab salad of cracked wheat mixed with finely chopped ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, and parsley.

    • ‘Properly combined, the mixture has the consistency of tabbouleh.’
    • ‘New recipes arrived via people rather than books and my sister's summer in France introduced us to tabbouleh, ratatouille and real vinaigrette on salads.’
    • ‘Now, while I stand by each and every one of my choices, right now, I'd settle for someone who knows how to make tabbouleh, and doesn't snore.’
    • ‘Other ideas: avocado salads, guacamole (served with low-carb chips) and tabbouleh (buy the mix, and use lots of detoxifying fresh parsley, red onions and tomatoes).’
    • ‘The Lebanese believe those who neither make nor eat tabbouleh are ‘irredeemably dull’.’
    • ‘For dinner we had soups in winter, salads in spring and summer, such as tabbouleh and fattouche, or sandwiches of falafel, or again concentrated yogurt with mint, black olives and cucumber.’
    • ‘This is the grain most often used in tabbouleh and kibbeh, two popular Middle Eastern dishes.’
    • ‘To make the tabbouleh warm the cracked wheat in the microwave or in a small frypan with minimum water.’
    • ‘If you've already prepared such specialty dishes as tabbouleh and hummus, you're in for a special treat when you prepare them with homegrown chickpeas.’
    • ‘To make the tabbouleh, prepare the burghul or couscous by soaking it in the lemon juice.’
    • ‘You can make a variation on tabbouleh using couscous, but remember that the salad should dominate - it is not the buffet table alternative to a rice or pasta dish.’
    • ‘As our tastes grew more sophisticated, I remember chopping them into bulgur wheat to make tabbouleh.’
    • ‘Spoon a finely chopped mess of tomato, parsley and spring onions - a sort of lazy cook's tabbouleh - over a big dollop of it and serve it with grilled fish or lamb, roast chicken or spiced meatballs.’
    • ‘‘I don't know where she's getting those numbers,’ said a man hovering over the food table, filling his plate with tabbouleh and dolmades.’
    • ‘In addition to bread, wheat was also included in salads with chopped herbs and spices, much like our modern-day tabbouleh.’
    • ‘To serve, arrange the remaining orange slices on each plate; top with tabbouleh.’
    • ‘Lunch I'll make myself - usually some cold rice and salad with a dressing of olive oil, mustard, caraway seeds and garlic, or tabbouleh.’
    • ‘Vincenzo's selection of salads includes several tempting pasta salads as well as more exotic items such as tabbouleh.’
    • ‘Speaking of lobster, a whole one showered with tabbouleh and arugula will cure you if that tongue cake leaves you mute.’
    • ‘Gill's pan-fried sea bass with tabbouleh, preserved lemon, bottarga and lemon oil was less successful, with the flavours clashing a little too violently.’


From Arabic tabbūla.