Definition of ta-ta in US English:



  • Goodbye.

    • ‘‘Good-bye; ta-ta,’ he added. ‘You're a great genius, a born genius, my dear boy, there's no doubt about it.’’
    • ‘Well nothing else has happened, so ta-ta for now!’
    • ‘So there is duplication, and because of that it will be ta-ta to Early Childhood Education.’
    • ‘This isn't a screed, but it belongs to the same genus, so if you're disposed to roll your eyes at this sort of thing, ta-ta; see you tomorrow.’
    • ‘Well… ta-ta for now!’
    • ‘I hope I'll see ya around Jade, I have to go to the store, ta-ta.’
    • ‘Similarly, Cullen packs to leave on a trip, with a cursory ta-ta to the Congresslady.’
    • ‘Well, ta-ta, I better be going.’
    • ‘‘Fine selections, I'll get your drinks, ta-ta,’ the waiter said as he spun off.’
    • ‘If forced to choose between television and the Internet, just one-third of Americans with home Internet access, whether it be dial-up or broadband, would say ta-ta to the tube, according to the report.’
    • ‘Next time you break, well ta-ta, you know, you're going to jail.’
    farewell, adieu
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Early 19th century: of unknown origin; compare with earlier da-da.



/tä ˈtä//tɑ ˈtɑ/