Definition of T-formation in US English:



American Football
  • A T-shaped offensive formation, with the halfbacks and fullback positioned in a line parallel to the line of scrimmage.

    • ‘If the inventor of the T-formation in football had been able to copyright it, the sport might have come to an end instead of prospering.’
    • ‘But however you tweak it, to the NFL, the 80-year-old Coliseum belongs back with the Model T and the T-formation.’
    • ‘Chicago starter Paul Christman was out with a broken wrist, so Ray Mallouf came off the bench and ran the Cards' T-formation.’
    • ‘In the late '40s and '50s, many of the quarterbacks had been single-wing tailbacks in college because the T-formation was rarely used.’
    • ‘He spends more pages on the development and role of the West Coast offense than on the development of the T-formation, yet the T-formation was what pushed the NFL into the 20th century.’