Definition of T-bill in US English:



  • short for Treasury bill
    • ‘In the US, they are called Treasury bonds or T-bills.’
    • ‘For example, using the performance of federal T-bills as a benchmark for an equity fund is useless - the S & P 500 is generally the accepted benchmark for equities.’
    • ‘Canadians who held all of their financial assets in T-bills would have made only a tiny sacrifice of less than 2% per annum.’
    • ‘Investors don't need mutual funds to buy T-bills or bonds, but for most, a prime-rate fund is the only way to invest in the $1 trillion senior floating-rate loan market.’
    • ‘Its banks had borrowed billions of dollars at low rates, converted them to lira, and plowed the money into high-yielding Turkish government T-bills.’



/ˈti ˌbɪl/