Definition of T-bar in English:



  • 1A beam or bar shaped like the letter T.

    • ‘The property he took was a silver and gold Citizen's wristwatch, with a Babalone face, and a gold necklace, with large flat links and a T-bar.’
    • ‘The Cambiocorsa also comes with a little T-bar reverse selector on the centre console.’
    • ‘He stole a gold chain with a T-bar, a gold chain with a sovereign, a gold sovereign ring and a gold and sapphire diamond ring.’
    • ‘A T-bar clips into the glove box of any vehicle and the curry can then be hung safely and securely on the hook.’
    1. 1.1A type of ski lift in the form of a series of inverted T-shaped bars for towing two skiers at a time uphill.
      • ‘We finish at a downhill ski area and a T-bar lift to a fine hotel at the top of a run.’
      • ‘Also, nobody told me that you don't actually sit down on a T-bar.’
      • ‘As we climb Cairngorm on the T-bar I ask my instructor Alistair if he can sum up the appeal of our Scottish slopes.’
      • ‘So it was unsurprising when, later in the week, William was photographed riding a T-bar with a rather more attractive companion.’
      • ‘Generally they'll have a few rope-tows or T-bars to take you up a main route on the mountain; from there you traverse to where you want to ski, or head straight down.’
    2. 1.2[often as modifier]A T-shaped fastening on a shoe or sandal.
      ‘a pair of T-bar sandals’
      • ‘Nearby, a woman in a pair of T-bar sandals asked softly for a copy of 'Ghandi and Non-violence'.’
      • ‘My sister is wearing a floral print frock, white socks and t-bar sandals.’
      • ‘For her starring role Hannah was taken to Otley, where she went into make-up to be transformed into a 1960s teenager with a little skirt, hair in bunches and T-bar shoes.’
      • ‘She had a very plain face with no distinctive features; her hair was straight, brown and uninteresting; and she liked to wear tweed, A-line skirts, buttoned-up blouses, T-bar shoes.’
      • ‘I didn't really fit in with the other girls either, who always came to class in frilly dresses and t-bar shoes.’
      • ‘Girls wore pretty frocks, usually teamed with a pair of patent leather T-bar shoes, and boys wore their school trousers and a snazzy shirt that they thought made them look like David Cassidy.’
  • 2The horizontal line of the letter T.

    • ‘When we speak of the t bar, we mean the horizontal line crossing the stem of the t.’



/ˈtē ˌbär/