Main definitions of t in English

: t1T2T3


  • 1Long or metric ton(s).

  • 2Teaspoon(s).

  • A number characterizing the distribution of a sample taken from a population with a normal distribution.




Main definitions of t in English

: t1T2T3


  • 1in combination (in units of measurement) tera- (10¹²)

    ‘12 Tbytes of data storage’
  • 2Tesla.

  • 3(in names of sports clubs) Town.

    ‘Mansfield T’
  • 4Tablespoon(s).

  • 1Temperature.

  • 2Chemistry
    The hydrogen isotope tritium.




Main definitions of t in English

: t1T2T3


(also t)


  • 1The twentieth letter of the alphabet.

    1. 1.1 Denoting the next after S in a set of items, categories, etc.
  • 2A shape like that of a capital T.

    in combination ‘make a T-shaped wound in the rootstock and insert the cut bud’
    See also T-square, etc.


  • cross the T

    • historical (of a naval force) cross in front of an enemy force approximately at right angles, securing a tactical advantage for gunnery.

      • ‘He could easily outmaneuver the Russians and use tactics to cross the T twice, inflicting maximum damage on the slower Russian fleet.’
      • ‘Probably the most famous battleship fight decided by crossing the T was the Japanese victory at Tsushima Straights in the Russo-Japanese War.’
      • ‘At Leyte on 24 Oct 1944 he made fame at the Battle of Surigao Strait by "crossing the T" of the oncoming Japanese surface fleet.’
  • T-minus —

    • informal Used to indicate that a specified amount of time remains before an event is scheduled or expected to take place.

      ‘it's T-minus 15 days until Mother's Day’
      ‘at about T-minus 30 seconds the crowd is just going crazy’
  • to a T

    • informal Exactly; to perfection.

      ‘I baked it to a T, and of course it was delicious’
      • ‘He's polite to a T, speaks generously about everyone who comes up in conversation and has a gentle demeanour.’
      • ‘Most important of all, though, is nutrition: You can follow the training prescriptions to a T, but if you don't eat as recommended during a mass-gaining phase, in the end you're going to strike out.’
      • ‘She began to tick off traits and scenarios and resistance to being responsible and for all intents and purposes, without ever having met my husband, she began describing his behaviour to a T.’
      • ‘It fits the character to a T: he's honest and truthful, but he's also a narcissist and a showman.’
      • ‘I followed her recipe to a T so I won't re-print it, but I didn't have the heart to cut out hearts since that would waste so much precious cookie.’
      • ‘He told me to a T what you like, what you don't like, et cetera.’
      • ‘More broadly, I spent three years in the government working with people who followed the Internet surveillance rules to a T, many of whom themselves had strong civil libertarian instincts.’
      • ‘If I follow all the precautions and the guidelines to a T, will they be safe?’
      • ‘If you follow the program to a T, by month's end, you'll see a marked improvement in your scores and feel more energized and confident about your physical abilities.’
      • ‘I believe this saying reflects my recent experiences to a T.’
      perfectly, just right, exactly right, to perfection
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