Definition of systemization in US English:


(British systemisation)


  • See systemize

    • ‘The Han dynasty, the period of systemization, was certainly a very climactic and exciting period in the history of acupuncture.’
    • ‘Such organization reflects a conscious systemization of doctrine and practice, so that masses, rather than specialists, are able to formulate and answer questions about faith.’
    • ‘This systemization allows the collective to rise above the frenzied anarchy of previous years, and offer the kinds of additional bonuses that were lacking, Hudson says.’
    • ‘‘We have a wide range of products and as you know, there are the trends of systemization and modularization,’ he notes.’
    • ‘It is a way of thinking that was born of his need, as an engineer and as a dyslexic, for extreme systemization - and, too, of his need for perpetual re-examination and continual improvement.’