Definition of systematics in US English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The branch of biology that deals with classification and nomenclature; taxonomy.

    • ‘Although developed primarily for ecological applications, some of its component programs are useful in systematics and biogeography.’
    • ‘The question remains, however, whether expertise in taxonomy and biological systematics will be available for the long term.’
    • ‘Section two deals with systematics, how dinosaurs are grouped into larger categories, and how those groups are related to each other.’
    • ‘Mike used three examples of a correction of paleontology by molecular systematics and vice versa to show that both disciplines need each other.’
    • ‘Therefore it was important to clarify the theoretical foundations of both phylogeny and systematics.’
    • ‘Just like phenetic systematics, cladistics takes advantage of the availability of computer software to analyze large data sets.’
    • ‘Although diverse in scope, this volume remains focused on a variety of complicated topics related to morphological systematics.’
    • ‘The older dinosaur book would largely end after chapter one - systematics and classification.’
    • ‘The two main methods for developing phylogenies in palaeontology are evolutionary systematics and phylogenetic systematics or cladism.’
    • ‘This chapter alone makes the book an excellent resource for any course in phylogenetic systematics.’
    • ‘There he got his first taste of applying the tools of molecular biology to systematics and phylogenetic research.’
    • ‘Activity at the intersection of phylogenetic systematics and developmental biology has shifted over the years.’
    • ‘Explicit, universal meanings are critical if paleontology is to play a central role in systematics and evolutionary biology.’
    • ‘These surveys have addressed problems in population genetics, systematics, ecology, and conservation biology.’
    • ‘Mathematically trained, he was interested both in systematics and biometry.’
    • ‘Among these, we will take up the Cambrian explosion and its relation to paleontology and systematics.’
    • ‘Over the past ten years, cladistics and molecular systematics have begun to be applied to solve problems of bivalve evolutionary biology.’
    • ‘More detailed studies of the systematics and evolution are currently in progress for selected taxa.’
    • ‘All of them are primarily papers about systematics and taxonomy.’
    • ‘Thus, in a tangible and pragmatic sense, systematics is the framework for all comparative biology.’