Definition of syringe in English:



  • 1A tube with a nozzle and piston or bulb for sucking in and ejecting liquid in a thin stream, used for cleaning wounds or body cavities, or fitted with a hollow needle for injecting or withdrawing fluids.

    • ‘If you require multiple dose syringes, several brands of disposable sterile automatic vaccine syringes are available.’
    • ‘The project was conducted in an environment that permitted the possession of syringes without a prescription.’
    • ‘This is performed under general or spinal anaesthetic and some marrow is removed from your own or a donor's hip bone using a syringe and needle.’
    • ‘Officers found a used syringe concealed in another man's sock.’
    • ‘She pulls out a hypodermic syringe with a light brown liquid in it.’
    • ‘If your child is under 6 months old, you may need to clear his or her nose with a bulb syringe.’
    • ‘Introduce a syringe with no needle and perform the usual steps that accompany the process.’
    • ‘Injections were given using glass syringes with reusable steel needles.’
    • ‘A blood sample may be taken either by using a needle and a syringe, or by using a finger prick.’
    • ‘In nearby shadows sat two boys surrounded by discarded syringes.’
    • ‘Charles rushes to his daughter's bedroom and expertly jabs her with the insulin syringe.’
    • ‘Hooligans high on drugs also kicked down the doors of external store rooms, where used hypodermic syringes were found.’
    • ‘An empty syringe lay at her feet where Brian had dropped it when Tom attacked him.’
    • ‘In a flash, Vincent had produced a syringe from an inside pocket of his coat.’
    • ‘California, meanwhile, is one just five states to ban the sale of syringes without a prescription.’
    • ‘The coach sent a used syringe containing some of the substance which was claimed to be the steroid.’
    • ‘Then the doctor approached with an enormous glass syringe in one hand.’
    • ‘You can buy a medication syringe at your pharmacy.’
    • ‘Some countries may be suspicious of syringes and needles carried by a traveler.’
    1. 1.1 A device similar to a syringe used in gardening or cooking.


  • 1Spray liquid into (the ear or a wound) with a syringe.

    ‘I had my ears syringed’
    • ‘Last time I was in that building with a cold I was threatened with having my nostrils syringed so I'd sound fine on air.’
    • ‘The best thing to do is get to the doctor who may remove the wax by syringing, or suggest special wax-softening ear drops.’
    • ‘The hum's absence is maybe even more powerful than its presence - things sound different, brighter, more vivid, not unlike after your ears have been syringed.’
    • ‘My second patient had wax in his ears so I went to the basin to get some warm water to syringe them only to find that there was one tap.’
    • ‘Only today, the practice nurse at my local GPs could not make me a convenient appointment to get my ears syringed, so she suggested I use the walk-in centre.’
    • ‘I've experienced waxing-up problems in my ears for many, many years and find it necessary to have them syringed and cleaned at regular intervals.’
    • ‘He and his colleagues studied the effect of ear syringing on hearing.’
    • ‘The snooty receptionist says, ‘I'm sorry, but there's absolutely no way we can arrange an ear syringing today.’’
    • ‘Oh, I don't know, maybe I just need to get my ears syringed.’
    • ‘If the trouble doesn't clear up in another four days I shall have to go and get the ear syringed, I know that.’
    • ‘I must have misheard - I'll have to have the ears syringed again!’
    • ‘Coincidentally enough, I had mine syringed a couple of weeks ago.’
    • ‘If you're up to it, you can have your ears syringed with water to flush them out.’
    • ‘If you have bad ear wax, have it syringed only after you've put warmed olive oil in your ears at night for a week.’
    • ‘The most common clinical practice is ear syringing, which is limited by patient tolerance and complications.’
    • ‘Impacted cerumen (ear wax) causes problems for some 2.3 million people in the UK, leading to about four million ears being syringed each year.’
    1. 1.1 Spray liquid over (plants) with a syringe.
      ‘syringe the leaves frequently during warm weather’
      • ‘It has held up well in the heat and we have not had to send guys around syringing.’
      • ‘Reduced mowing frequency, light frequent syringing, and bi-weekly applications of starter fertilizer will all enhance seed establishment.’
      • ‘Watering is still limited to the hours of 5 p.m. and 10 a.m., but hand watering and syringing is allowed during the day.’


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin syringa, from syrinx (see syrinx).