Definition of synthespian in English:



  • A computer-generated three-dimensional human character, designed to simulate a lifelike performance on film.

    ‘her first little-girl crush was on a synthespian, none other than Buzz Lightyear’
    • ‘If the daughter is the father's greatest creation, it sure makes sense that the director's synthespian would look a lot like her, wouldn't it?’
    • ‘Gollum, digitally enhanced by actor Andy Serkis's actorly bite, silenced naysayers who argued that synthespians would never emote at the level of their flesh-and-blood counterparts.’
    • ‘The idea that a synthespian might some day win an Oscar is not far-fetched.’
    • ‘Whatever your feelings are on synthespians on the big screen, there's no arguing that this bunch is spellbindingly intriguing in its own way.’
    • ‘It gives them the full range of human emotions moving another step closer to the reality of the synthespian.’


Blend of synthetic and thespian.