Definition of synth in US English:



  • short for synthesizer
    • ‘Atmospheric synths gradually enter the mix, only to give way to a piano interlude that lays the groundwork for the last few verses.’
    • ‘The drums and synths just don't get any louder than this, folks!’
    • ‘For example, you could have a suite of analog drum synths controlled by a sequencer.’
    • ‘The melodies are strong throughout and there's a nice mix of guitars and synths, of rock and electronica.’
    • ‘You never really know where the heavily treated guitars end and the synths start.’
    • ‘The swirling synths on the next track ‘Rodd’ slip in to show the depth of the sea as we slowly approach the ocean floor.’
    • ‘He is great with musical instruments too, adept at playing the synth and the tabla.’
    • ‘To the rescue comes the a massive refrain - synths blaring, vocals straining, and drums raising Cain.’
    • ‘Guitars are stripped clean and forced to interact on equal footing with strings, pianos, synths, even brass.’
    • ‘The dependence on drum machines and synths unfortunately date and trap most of the music in the late 80s.’
    • ‘Did we mention that fans of analogue synths will also be impressed?’
    • ‘Even new wave synths appear halfway through a song in this organized storm of raw, chunky bass, turbine engine guitars and industrial grime.’
    • ‘He seizes every strain of pop music and every instrument he can think of, wrapping them in layers of synths and drum programming.’
    • ‘This applies to the stage also - in the moments that Dustin is doing vocals and synths, the rhythms that you hear are recordings of him playing drums.’
    • ‘The thing that really stands out, is their use of classic synths and keyboards, which are wonderfully matched up to the two guitars and bass.’
    • ‘Largely absent are the spacey Grandaddy synths that occasionally lent the band's debut a pleasant jolt of modernity.’
    • ‘I'm stammering around my room in a daze, those sickening high frequency synths still slicing into me like daggers.’
    • ‘Initially, there are no drones at all, and the first one to enter is provided not by big, gauzy, echoing synths, but an organ.’
    • ‘‘Deja Vu’ uses only synths as accompaniment, with Queen's lower range being used to greater effect.’
    • ‘The same is true for most classic synths (and usually, older equals more expensive).’