Definition of syntagmatics in US English:


plural noun

  • See syntagmatic

    • ‘Functional syntagmatics is not equivalent to the traditional Arabic grammar, nor to the science of rhetoric.’
    • ‘The syntagmatics of this advert represent the product as one of the leading brands in oral health care, using interesting methods to sell this product.’
    • ‘His method of analysis is known as syntagmatics as opposed to Levi Strauss's paradigmatic.’
    • ‘The introduction of the argumentative proposition marks an important step from the binarity of Roman Jakobson's spatial paradigmatics and temporal syntagmatics to processual ternarity by the addition of the causal argument.’
    • ‘In this connection some principles of structural meaning constitution are identified: whereas the level of lexical meaning is described relating to the two-stage process of meaning constitution (based on syntagmatics and paradigmatics), text meaning constitution is described using the Gestalt theoretical concept of the dependence system.’