Definition of syndactyly in US English:



Medicine Zoology
  • The condition of having some or all of the fingers or toes wholly or partly united, either naturally (as in web-footed animals) or as a malformation.

    • ‘Simple syndactyly is more of a cosmetic problem than a functional one, and rarely requires treatment.’
    • ‘They discovered the fetus had a condition common to those with radioactive exposure: atypical syndactyly.’
    • ‘Major malformations were neural tube defects and monogenic traits, syndromes, and sequences, and minor defects were anomalies such as syndactyly of the second and third toes.’
    • ‘Several hundred human syndromes involving various types of limb deformity have been described; syndactyly is the most common deformity involving the hand.’
    • ‘Common associated findings in this syndrome include rib defects, hypoplasia of the upper extremities, and syndactyly.’


Mid 19th century: from syn- ‘united’ + Greek daktulos ‘finger’ + -y.