Definition of syncopal in US English:



  • See syncope

    • ‘Before the syncopal event, the patient may report weakness, light-headedness, yawning, nausea, diaphoresis, hyperventilation, blurred vision or impaired hearing.’
    • ‘Chronic cough can cause exhaustion and irritability, headaches, difficulty sleeping, urinary incontinence, syncopal episodes, sore throat, self consciousness, and fear of underlying serious illness.’
    • ‘Although some studies have shown significant reduction of syncopal episodes with pacing therapy, others have reported that pacing did not prevent syncope any better than drug therapy.’
    • ‘Patients often report that syncopal spells are preceded by light-headedness, and post-event confusion is minimal.’
    • ‘A 23-year-old white woman was admitted to the hospital after experiencing syncopal episodes secondary to anemia.’